About us


  •     Kenji Yanagisawa (Founder: Japan Dept)   ky_Arg

Kenji Yanigisawa has the extensive knowledge about international taxation efficiency. As the professional tax lawyer, he advised more than 1000 mid-size companies all over Japan. His extensive knowledge about the tax was awarded a few time by tax authority of Japan.






  • Teppei Ikeda (Founder: North America and Europe Dept)

Teppei Ikeda has the extensive knowledge on interacting with foreign nationals. He has 41 nationalities protégé all over the world by leadership training program.




  •     Ryuichi Sakata (Founder: Asia Dept)ryu_ARG

Ryuichi Sakata is based on Bagkok and ran his own accounting firm. His local language capability brought the various value adding to the transactions.








Deal connectors

Deal connectors are the expert their own industry who understand our mission and objectives. They are initiating to build the relationship between our potential clients and Argentum Partners. We still believe the real network and connections make the business growth and difference.





Head quarter:

Argentum Partners Limited
15-16 Queen Victoria Street, Central, HONG KONG   People’s Republic of China

Tokyo branch:

Argentum Partners Limited
1-7-3 Hiroo Shibuya Tokyo, Japan